Vaginal delivery or C-section???


I am going to have extra amniotic fluid drained and a thoracentesis done this Wednesday. Currently I am 26 weeks and my perinatalogist said the procedures may induce early labor. He suggested if I do go into labor to have a vaginal delivery since the risk of a c-section out weighs the benfits of a vaginal birth (mother prone to infection with c-section as well as length of recovery/healing time). I have read a c-section may be better for the baby's survival from other people's experiences.

I don't know what to do! Help!

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I delivered Lilly via c-section due the doctors advice and preference. They did not believe with her being in high respritory distress and congestive heart failure (which by the way only means that she had fluid in chest cavity not allowing her heart to pump enough oxygenated blood and slows cardio activity) that she would not likely survive vaginal birth. With a baby is such high danger and already so sick, you have to think about how hard vaginal delivery is on a baby. It is just as hard on a baby as it is on the mother. Don't get me wrong I totally agree that vaginal is normally the healthiest for baby and mother. But I do see in the case of hydrops the need to deliver via c-section. Plus I have seen a kind of trend in babies delivered via c-section being most likely to survive. You might take poll here on the website from everyone to see if that is truely trend. It just might help you make up your mind if this is something worth thinking long and hard about.

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Hi my doctors advised against delivering normally as they said amber's heart would not stand up to the pressure it would probably kill her as it was already under stress and she was delivered via c section. I met other mothers in the hospital who delivered at 26- 28 weeks and were given steroids for the babies lungs and they had good outcomes.
Delivering normally does not really provide any extra benefits except that the lungs have a little more time to mature and it reduces the chance of inhalation of amniotic contents and helps clear the lungs when they are delivered. My recovery time was quite quick after the c section and by the second day I was able to walk back and forth to nicu without pain as long as I had taken ibuprofen and paracetamol. I know you are not supposed to but I was able to drive myself to the hospital after 2 weeks without any problems.


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Thank you for those who responded to my vaginal or c-section delivery dilemna. My husband and I are certain now we want a c-section as it will be best for our baby girl. The doctors agaree it would be best for the baby but still think it may not be worth it as they remind me my baby may not even survive. What's up with doctors and not having hope?!? I believe in miracles and have read lots of success stories of babies with hydrops!

I will not lose hope!


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Glad to hear it... It does sound like the best idea at the time. I think we can all agree how frustrating doctors and their comments can be. Some parents were lucky enough to find great specialists though who have more "human" side.

Keep up the good spirits :)


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